Medium-sized Hidden Champion in Ludwigshafen

Our partnership with the Rhenoflex Group (B2B) first began when we were commissioned for an IT due diligence project.
The client formed part of an international group that wanted to divest non-strategic businesses as a result of a portfolio streamlining process.

As part of the planning process, we had to develop an IT strategy at short notice, taking into account the needs of a fast-growing company as well as the discontinuation of the group-wide IT department as an SAP Competence Center and go-to place for expert IT advice.
At the client’s request, this initial cooperation was expanded and established for the long term.

The IT services were described as services and purchased on the market. As such, it was possible to overhaul the entire IT organization (e.g. Internet connection, mail server, SAP systems, etc.) within the ambitious timetable without the need for additional IT staff.

As an external CIO, we are currently performing the key tasks and duties of a Chief Information Officer and assisting the client with its expansion into Asia.
The subsidiaries are migrated to an SAP cloud solution there.