SAP process and system analysis at a large research facility

Our customer started using SAP at their organization back in 2000. In the years following, little happened by way of investments to optimize processes and improve employees’ knowledge of SAP. Five-hundred employees were using the SAP modules FI, CO, PSM (Public Sector Management), PS and MM. The recently appointed division manager at the large research facility received feedback from employees that, on occasion, the system failed to post correctly.

bluekey was commissioned to provide a status overview and to draw up a roadmap for rebuilding and optimizing SAP processes and the system landscape.

After a brief analysis, the division manager was given the all-clear; the system had been configured correctly. Accounting processes were fully integrated and all documents were posted properly. However, there was still a lot of potential to develop system support for users.

In addition to the technical system analysis, the division manager was also presented with an account of the core processes and a roadmap for achieving better process support with work packages (priorities, scope).